Our Italy distributor B.S.N. is attending the conference Therapeutic Monitoring of Drugs and Toxicology: From the Laboratory to Clinical Practice 21 June 2017 in Bologna

The detection of drug abuse in blood is now legally recognized as a fundamental data in the application of article 187 of the Traffic code, without forgetting the recent introduction to the Criminal Code for vehicular homicide, article 589-bis.

All this requires the development of methods that comply with the validation criteria but above all, guarantee the integrity of the method even with different users. In this sense, it would be useful to have commercial kits, available to support clinical laboratories which are at the forefront of dealing with this delicate issue in the face of law enforcement.

Mass-spectrum analysis in "whole blood" matrix, unlike plasma and serum, encounters a traceability problem in the preparation of the sample that must be handled manually by the user.

BSN is able to offer Multitasker a "liquid handler" that, starting from the primary tube, is able to read the bar code, perform all the preparation steps of the sample and finally inject it directly into the mass spectrometer, thereby guaranteeing the Complete analytic traceability without opening the tube. In addition, after proper validation by the user, the data can be sent to the lab management without any "manual" operation. 

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