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Total Homocysteine LC-MS/MS Analysis Kit

Total Homocysteine LC-MS/MS Analysis Kit
CE-IVD certified and suitable for any kind of LC-MS/MS instrument


The Zivak Homocysteine LC-MS/MS analysis kit can be used in combination with the Zivak-Multitasker as well as manually. Analysis run time for the manual version is 2 minutes. Due to the efficient and quite smart procedure of the Zivak-Multitasker, the automated version guarantees to receive quantitative results in just 2.5 minutes per test, including sample preparation-, sample injection- and analysis run time. Additionally, high accuracy is being rectified through external quality tests.


Quantitative LC-MS/MS analysis kit for total homocysteine in human plasma samples.

Homocysteine is a non-protein amino acid. It is biosynthesised from methionine by the removal of its terminal methyl group. Homocysteine can be re-cycled into methionine or converted into cysteine with the aid of B-vitamins. According to recent studies, the elevated plasma concentration of homocysteine is related to cardiovascular and venous diseases. Dysfunctional enzyme as a result of genetic mutation or deficiency of the essential B vitamins folic acid, B12, and B6 can tend to hyper homocysteinemia. Oxidised forms of homocysteine are 98–99% of total plasma homocysteine. Mildly increased homocysteine causes dysfunctional vascular endothelium. Intervention studies are urgently needed to determine if lowering homocysteine is effective in decreasing the morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular disease.

Factors that may influence and increase plasma homocysteine include:

  • Age
  • Smoking
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Poor diet/cofactor deficiencies
  • Chronic kidney disease/renal disease

Homocysteine levels can be measured by HPLC and immunoassays. However, in recent years liquid chromatography combined with mass spectrometry systems have gained a significant role with very short analysis run time. These LC-MS/MS analysis systems decrease the run time, labour cost and give more reliable and sensitive results.

Zivak Total Plasma Homocysteine LC-MS/MS Analysis Kit was developed for rapid, sensitive and reliable quantitative detection of the total homocysteine concentrations in human plasma samples and it gives results in 2.5 minutes with minimal sample preparation. Main methods and procedures that have been selected are based on EN ISO 13485 and 98/79/EC

Total Homocysteine LC-MS/MS Analysis Kit 0
LC-MS/MS parameters : contact for more details

- This analysis kit can be shipped at room temperature.

- After arrival, reagent 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 serum calibrator and controls must be stored at 2-8 °C.

- After reconstitution, calibrator and controls should be divided to smaller volume aliquots and must be kept at -20 °C.

- All the other components of the kit should be stored at room temperature.

- All components are guaranteed until expiry date when stored at recommended temperatures and used as described in these instructions.

Preparation of Calibrators & Controls: contact for more details

Materials Supplied

Order No.




2 x 2 ml

Reagent 1, Contains aqueous buffer


1 x 4 ml

Reagent 2


1 x 40 ml

Reagent 3


  1 x 40 ml

Reagent 4


  1 x 40 ml

Reagent 5


 1 x 0,5 L

Mobile Phase, Contains organic solvent


1 x 0,5 L

Washing Solution, Contains organic solvent


1 x 1 pc

User Manual

Materials Required But Not Supplied

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1x 3ml

 Lyophilized  Serum Calibrator Level 1


 1x 3ml

 Lyophilized  Serum Control Level 1


1x 3ml

 Lyophilized  Serum Control Level 2


1 x 1 pcs

Zivak Total Homocysteine Serum LC-MS/-MS Analytical Column


1 x 1 pcs

Zivak Total Homocysteine Serum LC-MS/-MS Trap Column Housing


1 x 1 pcs

Zivak Total Homocysteine Serum LC-MS/-MS Trap Column Cartidge


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